Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chips.  There is really no recipe for this except that you need the Mansard Chip Tray and Mandoline which I found at Sur La Table. It's just $20 and a gadget that you will be happy to find a sliver of space for in your kitchen.  Our favorite veggie for chip making is the sweet potato.  I follow directions on the maker.  I do salt and pepper before I pop them in the microwave, they say not to, but we've found it's better to do it before.  You can make these in the morning to serve that evening and they will still be crispy and fresh tasting.  There has never been any leftovers so I can't tell you if they last longer.
Here's what the website says about the chip maker:
Homemade, crispy, fat-free chips are as easy as using your microwave. Slice your own potatoes with the included mandoline, place the slices on the tray and pop them into the microwave for a healthier alternative to greasy potato chips.

The nonstick silicone tray surface crisps your chips, so no added fat is necessary. Works best with root vegetables and fruits, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips, apples, pears and mangoes. Not recommend for other root vegetables and fruits.

Perfect for snacks or for parties, chips are ready in as little as 3–5 minutes. The easy-to-use slicer cuts your vegetables and fruits thinly and evenly. Stack up to three trays at one time to make larger batches quicker. For microwave use only. Silicone tray is dishwasher safe; hand wash mandoline. 

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