About Me

I love to knit, garden, cook and entertain, then share every last bit of it on my knitting blog and recipe blog.  I'm a reading tutor, a church elder, a choir singer and a book lover. I'm a mother and grandmother and have been married for 44 years to the best guy I know.

It's not easy to separate my cooking from my garden.  My husband and I keep a big year 'round flower and vegetable garden in our California home and have been organic for almost 30 years.  I come from a family of commercial and home gardeners; my mother grew the most beautiful roses, my uncle was a cotton and table grape grower in the San Joaquin Valley, my grandfather was the largest independent tomato grower in Ventura Country, and my nana and papa had an egg ranch in the San Fernando Valley.  Now my husband and I try to grow most of our produce.  Our biggest love is growing heirloom tomatoes. 

I often blog about our garden and you can read about it here, here, here and here.

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