Freezing Pears

We have a pear tree and when they ripen, you need to know what to do with them.  Every year I make Pear Ginger Chutney, but just recently found this easy way to prepare pears for the freezer.

1.  Wash ripe pears.  Peel, core and slice into wedges.

2.  Pears turn brown quickly, so as soon as you peel and slice them, throw them into a pot of acidic water to keep them white:  To each quart of cold water add three 100% ascorbic acid vitamin C tablets crushed into a small amount of hot water.  Stir until dissolved.  For 2 dozen pears we used 6 quarts of water.

3.  Meantime, set water to boil to make a light sugar syrup:  To each quart of boiling water add 1 or 2 cups sugar, we used one cup sugar per quart.  Add three crushed vitamin C tablets, stir until sugar and vitamin is dissolved.  Continue to boil liquid.  Remove pears from acidic water in batches with a slotted spoon, and plunge in boiling syrup for one minute only.  Remove with slotted spoon and put in freezer container.  We used large 1 quart recycled yogurt containers.  When finished with all your pears, pour hot syrup over to cover, place lid, label and freeze.  Our 2 dozen pears made 4 quarts snowy white slightly sweetened sliced pears for the freezer.

Make sure you read the original post to find out how to ripen pears to perfection.

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